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Building Extraordinary Luxury Residences

Extraordinary Luxury Residences

Luxury Home Builds and Restorations

Palm Pacific Construction has been named one of the most influential construction firms in the country based on our integration of both design and build. Our philosophy is to create the most detailed product to deliver to our clients. Any builder with a license should be able to construct a house, but the real work is in the finish and we are dedicated to delivering the finest, sleekest product to our clients.

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Simplicity and Functionality

Palm Pacific Construction can take your dream and create a home that is welcoming, comfortable and the epitome of luxury living. With our extensive knowledge of style and function, we will make your home a work of art.

What People Say About Us

  • Scott and the Palm Pacific Construction crew were reliable, easy to work with and accessible - all very important things when managing a project from Los Angeles. We could not be more impressed with Scott and his team - they exceeded expectations at every turn - quickly offering solutions to problems with an unmatched eye for design and detail. The incredible value with PPC is that you are getting design consultants along with an amazing construction crew. We met with several companies - it was not even close - Scott and the PPC team moved fast with a proposal. It was clear Scott took the time to truly reimagine our property instead of providing the same generic Palm Springs cookie-cutter designs we saw from numerous other contractors. We chose PPC because Scott and the team had a strong point of view with a clear vision to execute and transform our property into the timeless Palm Springs home we imagined.

    The pricing is fair and transparent - you are getting an outstanding value beyond the construction - Scott is an incredible design resource and works with only experienced well-vetted subcontractors.

    The PPC team and their vendors were easy to work with, on time, fair and transparent. They all acted with the utmost respect and the worksite was spotless. The recommendations and design aesthetic of PPC down to the smallest detail truly set PPC apart from other contractors. Scott takes the time to review and inspect each phase of construction in turn providing the best quality of work from his crew for each homeowner. To improve the overall look, feel and flow of the home Scott was always willing to lend a hand and be a resource well beyond a typical contractor - offering his input on things like tile, cabinets and even landscape.

    Dave and Gina Swanson

  • If you’ve been through a home renovation then you know it can be a test of the sanity, patience and relationships of all involved. We bought a 1958 architect-designed house hoping to get away with a little rehab of the kitchen and baths and a fresh coat of paint.

    But underlying defects - some known, some unknown - meant the need for a complete overhaul requiring new design concepts, budgets and approvals.

    Happy to report that the result of our renovation with Scott Cullens and the Palm Pacific Construction team was a pleasant, cooperative experience, resulting in a stunningly redesigned, beautifully crafted, fully modernized mid-century home.

    Scott’s design vision, knowledge of the CA building code, and experience in navigating his way around the Palm Springs Building Department delivered a spectacular finished product.

    When the renovation reached its conclusion, we created the owner’s punch list of adjustments, fixes and tweaks. (With many renovations the creation of the punch list somehow coincides with the contractor permanently disconnecting his phone and leaving the country, but not this time!) Everything about the punch list, that “service after the sale” period, was handled by Scott and Steve in a timely and efficient way until all items were cleared. We are extremely pleased that we chose PPC for the job and are very proud of our “brand new” 62 year-old house.”

    Bradley Jeffreys and Robert Murphy

  • When discovering Palm Springs and its many different styles of homes, some seemed to glaringly stand apart from the rest in their perfect design and finishes. After investigation, I discovered these were all Palm Pacific Construction homes and it was then that I knew it was them I wanted to work with on my project.

    Even through the unknown challenging times that come with EVERY construction project that no one can ever plan for, I always knew that Scott’s meticulous high standards for finishes would make everything worth it in the end and I was right. I absolutely adore the final result.

    PPC have a standard of workmanship, attention to detail and level of perfection above what so many others would deem acceptable. They hold themselves to this standard so you never have to, which gives you the reassurance and peace of mind that once it’s all completed, you are going to be left with something that you will not only love but will give you a new understanding and level of expectation in home builds and finishes.

    One that stands apart from the rest.

    Danny Teeson

  • We heard about Scott Cullens and Palm Pacific Construction because we had been in a house he designed and was impressed with it. We live in a mid-century modern house in Vista Las Palmas and was eager to refresh the house that had been last remodel almost twenty years earlier. Scott brings to the table years of deep experience, access to suppliers, seasoned relationships with city inspectors, a very good and tested eye for design, and a commitment to making the experience a top-notch one for the client.

    After working with him a short while, we were impressed with his attention to detail, high level of service orientation, and knowledge of what would work best for us. Scott wears two hats very well - that of a designer and that of a contractor.

    In all of the meetings we had in his office or at the cabinet factory, he didn’t waste our time by having us look aimlessly through hundreds of design choices to pick one.

    Instead, he narrowed down the choices to a few that he believed would work best for the look and finishes we wanted. Whatever it was - tile selections, cabinet finishes, paint colors or wallpaper choices - Scott consistently thought ahead for us. In this area, we believe he excelled because he brings with him many years of design and installation experience - he knows what works and what clients like.

    During the project - we took about five and a half months - Scott and his team kept us apprised along the way with weekly and sometimes daily updates. All of his subcontractors know Scott’s reputation for quality in workmanship and excellence and he only works with those he trusts.

    In the end, we were extremely pleased with the finished product. It exceeded our highest expectations and we’re very happy we chose to have Scott be the contractor and designer. His high level of service didn’t end when the project finished though. If we wanted any adjustments or changes after the project finished, he was eager to do them. There was never an additional fee for these extras and never a decrease in his very high service level after the project completed. We recommend him to others without reservation and would use him again whenever the need arises!

    John Wong and Sy Yong

  • After seeing photos of Palm Pacific’s work online, we quickly realized we shared a similar aesthetic in design. When we purchased our small mid-century home in Palm Springs, we contacted Scott Cullens for a consultation. He arrived as scheduled (to the minute), and quickly gave his impressions, offering realistic suggestions that would improve the functionality of our home, and more importantly, would preserve its simple charm!

    Fast forward several years, we ended up using Palm Pacific for several projects, and our home is now proudly complete — Palm Pacific from top to bottom! In addition to Scott’s super sense of design and attention to detail, he provides an expert team of longtime employees who take great pride in their work. Palm Pacific Construction is a top notch company.

    Thank you for making our dreams come true.

    Tom Mossbrucker & Jean-Philippe Malaty

  • We chose Palm Pacific Construction for several reasons. Their proposal and bid for our home renovation project was professional and more complete than other contractors that bid on our project. PPC’s mid-century home construction experience was deep and extensive and Scott Cullens brings a modern design expertise to the project that was critical multiple times throughout the project.

    Some highlights of the project that I enjoyed was listening to Scott explain to our difficult neighbor that he won’t move the port-o-potty. Listening to Scott trying to hold his temper when he reviewed my weekly “to do” lists; his brain ticking away determining how he was going to explain why that would not happen that week - was always fun!. Renovation and construction projects are always stressful, and no one can expect everything to go exactly as planned.

    I always found Scott and PPC to be responsive to discussion, working to solve issues and he and his project manager Steve always, always returned phone calls to solve issues. I totally appreciated it. The other reason I enjoyed working with PPC was the quality of the work was always excellent and detailed. As we moved through our 9-month renovation project, the minor on-going “reveals” as the project was getting under way or completed was always fun.

    We would recommend PPC for their modern home experience in the desert, deep construction expertise, and quality of finished product.

    Jeffrey Hoffman and Horacio Orantes

  • When we were looking for a contractor to renovate our ‘vintage’ Alexander in Racquet Club back in 2011, we could never have imagined the journey that was about to begin. Through sheer luck - and perhaps a bit of humor - we were able to get Scott Cullens to look at our house as a potential project. We knew immediately that he was the one we wanted to do the work.

    Not only did we get an amazing transformation - from a house that had not been touched in 30+ years to a top performing vacation rental - we developed a lasting partnership and friendship. We went on to work with Scott on multiple successful ‘flips’ as partners for the next few years.

    Scott is unique in the construction business. He is honest, genuine, financially smart, a true craftsman and just a nice person. We have always been amazed at how he treats his extended contractors like family and always does the right thing for them. We are looking forward to when we can do our next project with Scott and are truly proud to call him a friend.

    David & Tricia Bregman

  • For me, working with Palm Pacific Construction was a no-brainer. Scott Cullens is, quite simply put, an artist! He combines years of technical construction and architectural expertise with a chic aesthetic flair that is second to none. I wouldn’t even consider living in the Coachella Valley in anything other than a luxury Palm Pacific home!

    Mark Henderson

  • “We chose Palm Pacific Construction because PPC had completed several homes in the neighborhood (Vista Las Palmas) that looked awesome. We interviewed several other companies who did not appear to be as responsive and surprisingly PPC’s bid was more than competitive; it was extremely detailed and very reasonable.

    Because we had a major damage event which was covered by insurance, PPC was patient and understanding in waiting for the insurance company to issue checks. They also worked well with the adjuster and mortgage company in scheduling progress meetings and reports as needed. Although we had a few change orders, these were at our request and were handled without delay or upcharge. Recently, during the sale of the house, Scott and Steve were quick to address a list of minor repairs requested by the buyer’s home inspector.

    We recommend PPC because everyone, from Scott and Steve, to all of the subs, were friendly, communicative, and delivered quality work. If we had any issue, and there were very few, the PPC team was immediately responsive and promptly addressed it.

    We would highly recommend PPC for any major remodel and will certainly hire them in the future should the need arise.

    Joe Biderman & Richard Holbrook

  • We chose Palm Pacific Construction because of the excellent work they were doing at our neighbors. Our house had flooded on two different sides, and as this is a secondary home, I didn’t have the time to search extensively for a good contractor. Lucky for me, that would’ve been a complete waste of time because Palm Pacific was so efficient and on top of it.

    I’ve been fortunate to own homes in many locations in Los Angeles, New York and London. By far, Scott Cullens and his team have been the best contractors I’ve worked with.

    Save yourself some time and just start with them.

    Mike Rose & Ruben Rodriquez

  • When we decided to buy and renovate our home in Palm Springs we asked our friend for a recommendation, he quickly said Scott Cullens of Palm Pacific Construction. We met with Scott and it was clear to us he was knowledgeable of the architectural landscape of Palm Springs - he had a point of view and he understood our needs. A renovation is never easy and can be very stressful but Scott through it all remained calm and was always professional and respectful.

    The finished product says it all. PPC brought our architectural gem into the modern age while retaining its integrity. We purchased another gem and immediately turned to Scott and his team.

    Thank you!

    Geoffrey Wellen & Alex Herrera

  • Palm Pacific Construction was extremely professional in all my dealings with them. They were timely and the work done was top-notch. The personnel were always courteous and efficient.

    The finished project was beyond my expectations. I will hire them again and again for other projects as needed because I know I can depend on their expertise and high quality of workmanship.

    Judi Sheppard-Missett, Founder & CEO - Jazzercise

  • Thank you for all of your hard work!

    We are enjoying every minute of our house - it’s a beautiful place to shelter!

    Ellen & David Hutkin

  • We met Scott over 12 years ago when we did a small remodeling job at our home. We love his honesty, integrity and incredible attention to detail. A few years ago, when we bought a house that needed to be gutted, we immediately called Palm Pacific Construction. The rehab was effortless. He did not disappoint.

    Scott has an amazing eye and flare that we love, even if it is a little outside our box. Scott, Steve and the crew are easy to work with. The quality of their work is stellar.

    We still call Scott, whenever we have a question about our house. He is our go-to guy and resource in Palm Springs. We love our renovated home and enjoy the space that we created with Scott and PPC.

    Thanks Scott Cullens and PPC.

    Judy & Mark Schwartz

  • We heard about Scott Cullens and Palm Pacific Construction through a good friend in Palm Springs. He was highly recommended as professional and doing quality work, with great taste when you need advice and they did not disappoint. This will be our forever home so we had great comfort in knowing we were taken care of when we were not there. When we are there, we love showing off our house. It is beautiful and it is our paradise.

    Thank you Scott and your amazing team for giving us something to be so proud of!!!

    Marcy & Joe DiSalvo

  • When we first thought about buying a house in Palm Springs, we decided it had to be an Alexander. We looked around for a couple of weeks and found this rundown one, but it had a great view. Our realtor suggested contacting Palm Pacific Construction as, according to him, Scott Cullens is sort of an expert in redoing this type of architectural houses. He was so right.

    Not only did we end up with a gorgeous idea, we ended up with a fantastic house. The amount of attention to detail Scott puts in his work is fabulous. This was a couple of years ago, and it still holds up perfectly. Last year we decided we wanted to enlarge our house and create a bigger master suite. It wasn’t even a question of who we were going to hire. PPC seamlessly attached the new section. It looks like it has always been there. The house still gives you the feel of a mid-century modern Alexander, but with a more modern floor plan.

    I can recommend anybody who wants to remodel or even build their new place to work with PPC and Scott Cullens. You won’t be disappointed; quality that lasts!

    Erwin Overes & Dr. Eugene Brown

  • I met Scott Cullens and his team at Palm Pacific Construction when I commissioned him to build my new home in Palm Springs. It wasn’t your ordinary project, as I was both the owner and the architect, and was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina throughout construction. Not only did I need someone I could trust completely, but I needed someone who was able and willing to remain in near-constant contact with me a continent away.

    Scott deftly adapted to a routine of almost daily video conferences and text messages, all while managing different time zones to make everything come together. Even with the most detailed plans, I know that contractors make hundreds of judgment calls every day in the course of a project, and Scott is one of those rare contractors with whom I trust, as an architect, with that responsibility.

    He quickly understood the design concepts I was after and kept true to the vision right along beside me, picking up the phone if he noticed anything that was striking the wrong note. Our collaboration throughout the project with Scott and his team was always a positive one.

    My family and I are thrilled with the house and couldn’t be more happier with the quality of the workmanship. Together we created a custom home that was featured in three design magazines, and won a Luxe Magazine National Award for Architecture. It is a testament to his skills as builder and communicator that we continue to work together today for other clients.

    Jill Lewis & Mike Doyle

  • We knew Scott Cullens personally and watched his first new construction years ago from the ground up. We were friends with the owners of the project and kept up on the progress “from afar”. Scott’s attention to detail was astounding and the crew at Palm Pacific Construction seemed to have the exact same eye.

    In 2018, we started a major remodel on our 1950’s home in Old Las Palmas. I still laugh at Scott and Steve coming to the house and him calling it the “Golden Girls” house. Now that’s funny, and wasn’t too far from the truth.

    Today our house is a gorgeous modern home with clean lines that PPC executed to perfection. Scott’s eye for detail and Steve’s steady support of the project is a winning combo in construction.

    We would highly recommend Scott and PPC with any project you may have, big or small. Scott and Steve are both very steady, in different ways. A steady hand that we felt was consistent throughout our construction project.

    Craig Van Skaik & Chuck Keller

  • We have worked with Palm Pacific Construction, Scott Cullens and his dedicated team not just once, but twice. We had purchased a completely tragic home in 2012, which needed a full restructure and redesign.

    With Scott’s attention to detail and ability to create miracles, we ended up with one of the most beautiful homes in our neighborhood.

    In 2018, we decided to add a Casita and we immediately approached PPC and Scott, and embarked on our second very successful collaboration and build together.

    We love our home and highly recommend Scott, Steve and the entire team at Palm Pacific Construction.

    David Palmer & Frank Morgan

  • We are proud to have been Palm Pacific Construction’s first new construction. Having seen his substantial portfolio of luxury remodels and pool houses, we knew Scott Cullens was the perfect choice to build our dream home. He exceeded our expectations and six years later our house is a beautiful testament to the quality of a PPC home.

    It’s gratifying to see that PPC has gone on to become one of the leading firms building custom luxury homes in the Coachella Valley.

    Jeff Stanley and Alain Peracca

  • Having settled into my office space on Tahquitz Canyon Way, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the attention to detail that went into the reconstruction of this cool building. A building that was left as an eyesore on the main boulevard in the city for many years, thanks to you, has returned to its glory.

    I chose the team at Palm Pacific Construction because of your reputation and personal references of excellence and you did not disappoint. The finished structure is outstanding. You helped me achieve the look and functionality I desired to run Artisan Events with an organized flow, as well as helped with some cost saving elements.

    At every meeting you had smiles on your faces, listened to my desires and concerns, and helped to find a solution to the situation. Undergoing a construction project is never an easy undertaking, but the team at PPC made it the best possible experience.

    I was proud to have the PPC sign displayed outside the building during Modernism Week here in Palm Springs as I feel that you deserve the praise that I hear every day from neighbors, clients and friends. Just the other night, I was locking the gates and two gentlemen that were walking by told me what a great job I did on the building. Thank you for that. It feels great to have a building that I am proud to call the home of Artisan Events.

    Joey Lizotte, Owner

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